Rogue Abyss was made for Brackeys Game Jam 2023.1 which theme was AN END IS A NEW BEGINNING

Note: If you have any problems related to the game's performance on the website, I recommend that you download a version of the game below or enable hardware acceleration in your browser.


... a dangerous place even for the strongest warriors! It's like being stuck in a loop, where you have to face the most terrible monsters to survive, but no matter how many you defeat, it always goes back to the beginning. That's why Rogue Abyss is...


A Game made by Klinsmann Hengles - @KlinsHengles

Font: Sorts Mill Goudy by Barry Schwartz 

Enemy Sprites: Librarium Bundle by Ækashics

Backgrounds: Swamp Backgrounds by Lornn

Soundtrack: Fantasy RPG Music by alkakrab

Some sound effects: RPG Sound Pack by artisticdude


Download 52 MB
Download 49 MB
Download 52 MB


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Really liked the game!

the game is pretty nice,i like the game art,gameplay, and sounds but I can't find the theme.

Thank you! I think the theme becomes more evident after you defeat the final boss.